Tidé’s “ROLLING” is a soulful ode to youth

Articulating what we all hope being in our 20s would sound like

Asides his confident lyrics and laid-back melody, Tidé’s new single, “ROLLING”, pens an aspiration, articulating what we all hope being in our 20s would sound like —reckless, invincible and good looking. Over sparse keys, guitar riffs and simple percussion, he recounts a tale, celebrating his charm, his squad and the carefree freedom that comes with being young. With an unhurried snare pattern and finger snaps setting the pace, RexoftheWest’s production highlights Tidé’s soulful, sincere vocals, which manage to convey heartfelt emotions despite his showy lyrics; “I Know Your Baby Mama Sees Me/She’s Been Calling Everyday”. By infusing contemporary vernacular with his soulful performance, “ROLLING” hints at something more plainly human: the liberties being young affords and the challenge to level up with those ahead of us.

You can listen to Tidé’s “ROLLING” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/olatidewright
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