Fekky and Runtown head to Lagos for “One More Time” music video

highlights the song's competence at parties

In a press release, following his move to start his own record label, Fekky explained how he wants to take control of his future. “When I was signed, my future was in other people’s hands. I’ve always been a boss from young. F MUSIC will be the new Bad Boy, the new YMCMB, the new Roc-A-Fella. I want to bring art and lifestyle together because I feel like I am lifestyle and I am art. It’s time to create a movement of like-minded people.” He has since released two singles, “Look At Me Now” and “One More Time” featuring Runtown.

The video for “One More Time” is directed by Adasa Cookey who shoots at a market scene in Lagos where people are seen dancing, playing checkers and having a good time, in the lead up to a party at night. While Fekky and Runtown perform their sultry romance themed verses, the video highlights the song’s competence at parties as we watch the street morph into a festive bash.

You can watch the video for Fekky and Runtown’s “One More Time” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Fekky

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