Whoisakin maintains his anonymity in the video for Olayinka Ehi-assisted “Magic”

Another timely reminder that not everyone you like will like you in the same way, and that’s very fine

Whoisakin wants everyone to pay undivided attention to his music. The singer’s breakout has been characterised by an impressive debut EP, ‘Full Moon Weekends’, and a preference for physical anonymity. It’s not a common trope in pop music, but a few artists have concealed their identity in the beginning stages of their career—e.g. the Weeknd, H.E.R—getting initial props for their talent before putting their faces out there.

Whoisakin is following the same route, albeit with his own twist, using an animated hybrid of wolf and a young man as his avatar. The “Wolfbiker” image adds a layer of mystique to the title of his EP, representing the immersive style of music he makes, which is perfect for owl hours listening. “I’ve always been nocturnal and I wanted to make a tape that depicts my love for the moon”, he told us back in June as part of our Fresh Meat picks for that month. A blend of emotive storytelling and musical choices that intersect between Afropop and contemporary r&b, ‘Full Moon Weekends’ has captivated a lot of ears, including mentor Mr Eazi, who he’s now working with via the #emPawa30 artist incubator initiative.


Keeping up the momentum for his EP, Whoisakin has dropped the animated video for the opening track, “Magic”, which features another Fresh Meat alum, Olayinka Ehi. Based on a real life situationship, the song portrays the complicatedness of differing intentions between love interests, and the hurt that follows when the only compromise is to part ways. “Even though I thought the relationship had potential at the early stages, she never felt the same way and it was just “vibes” for her”, the singer explains of the scenario behind the song.

The animated video for “Magic” is a dramatic depiction of the song’s content, while it also continues to lean into Whoisakin’s anonymous mystique. Put together by YX Animation, we see Wolfbiker physically fight through robots to get his interest, representing the intensity of his affections, however, Olayinka Ehi’s animated character demands some space and turns him down outrightly at the end of the video. Eye-catching and riveting to watch, the video is another timely reminder that not everyone you like will like you in the same way, and that’s very fine.

Watch “Magic” here.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Empawa Africa

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