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Start the day the way Saint Jude intended

Dope Saint Jude strives to spread joy through her work.

Nurturing this positivity hasn’t always been easy. The wormhole of endless negative news cycles used to take a heavy toll on her: “I was feeling hopeless and like ‘what’s the point of releasing music, it feels so small compared to other issues,’” she recalls. “I spoke to someone who was an activist in the apartheid days here in South Africa and they told me it’s actually my job to nurture hope.”

Nothing mirrors her innate vibrancy more than her latest single, ‘Happy Day’. Although the track was written in 2022, Dope Saint Jude knew now was the time to release it. With intense global strife at the forefront of our minds, she knew, now more than ever, the world needs infectious positive energy. Happy Day serves as an ode to confidence, with affirmative lyrics such as “the only one in charge is me.” Its inspiring message and invigorating instrumental makes it one to listen to especially during dark times.

Speaking on how she wants her audience to feel when listening to her music, Dope Saint Jude says:

“I want them to feel good. I want them to feel uplifted and ready to start the day. That’s because I primarily listen to music in the mornings, when I’m getting ready I try to listen to music that’s gonna hype me up for the day and I hope that I can make music that serves that purpose for other people”

If fans want to start the day the way Saint Jude intended, they can use her playlist ‘Heart Songs’ for their early morning setlist. The tracks range from stimulating to soulful, making it an ideal playlist to wake up to.

Stream ‘Heart Songs,’ a playlist by Dope Saint Jude.