Hear Everything Dizzie Davidz Has Been Doing For Money On “Running Out”

Broke but not broken

A wild guess would say everyone at some point or the other has been into some money issues. And while we’ll all like to stunt for the gram there’s a certain clarity that comes with being broke. Asides having something else in common with Kanye West, being broke affords you the equanimity to reflect on bad decisions not to mention inspiration to put more effort towards earning a living. For Dizzie Davidz on his latest single, “Running Out” he literally needs to earn his living after getting into debt with some very bad people.

Hoping to give some background to his sticky situation, Dizzie Davidz begins “Running Out” with a skit that listens like a voicemail to his creditors asking for some more time to get the money he owes. Dizzie Davidz proceeds to rap over a reggae beat with a mid tempo baseline. He explains how he got into debt but “The girls in my life try’na slow my mind down/weed in my mind slowing my mind down” feels more like an excuse and the only reason that sticks is; “Gave in to the vice cause I got no advice from the people ’round me tell me otherwise.”

He also gives a run down of all the things he has tried to do to get back on his feet financially from attempted bank robberies to rapping, which he ironically admits he isn’t good at. A second voicemail recording features but this time from one of the creditors threatening to get back his money the hard way if he has too. But Dizzie Davidz’s weed is too strong for him to focus on getting the money. He ends the song rapping about thick spliffs and bad bitches.

Listen to Dizzie Davidz’s “Running Out” below.


Featured Image Credits: Instagram/dizziedavidz

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