WavyTheCreator’s video for “H.I.G.H” is eye-candy for retro the enthusiast

Sometimes the most obvious concept for a video turns out to be the best

WavytheCreator is considered in many circles as one of the most creative modern Nigerian musicians today; a reputation the singer has garnered by bridging the gap between art and music without skewering either. “H.I.G.H” is her debut single and the accompanying video is the latest in Wavy’s growing collection of artistically satisfying mood pieces.


The video for “H.I.G.H” incorporates retro themes with grainy filters and costumes. It’s an artist’s dream that their work will stand the test of time, and to do this, SAN and Falomo use 90’s nostalgia as a gloss for “H.I.G.H”. Wavy opens the video by lighting up a blunt, setting a lightweight tone that continues through the video. The rest of the cast sustain the jovial feel of the video, drinking and partying to the Genio Bambino produced the number.

Though the video doesn’t follow any particular narrative, the use of film filters allows various actions to unfold at different frame rates, adding a creative touch to a rather simple concept. Plus given Wavy’s cool and artsy aesthetic, sometimes the obvious concept could turn out to be the best.

Watch the video for “H.I.G.H” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/wavythecreatorVEVO

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