Watch the video for Tinny Mafia’s “Kokoka”

See all the sexual imagery Visionnaire Pictures directs into the music video

At the tail end of last year, Tinny Mafia released its first official imprint single, “Kokoka”, featuring YCEE, Bella Alubo, Damilare and Dapo Turburna. Compelled by nimble production from Que Beat, the result of combining all four distinct styles turned out to be an experimental attempt at merging Nigerian street-hop and neo-R&B. It’s almost rare to see labelmates making music in solidarity in 2018, to the point of attempting to find harmony. Perhaps to show “Kokoka” was not a freak studio recording that made it to the airwaves, Tinny Mafia has released a music video to update the single.

Though “Kokoka” is sexually driven with lyrics like “Fa Lu Ya(Tear the drum)” the Yoruba lyrics and innuendos do a great job of masking them. At least enough for us to wager it’ll fly under the NBC’s censorship radar.“Kokoka” is directed by Visionnaire Pictures, who puts all four artists performing their verses in soft neon-lit rooms with some drummers and models acting as a prop for the nightlife motif of the track.

Watch Tinny Mafia’s “Kokoka” here:

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/TINNYAFIAVEVO

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