Watch Tobi Lou’s video for “LOUNAR”

Another preppy song about heartbreak

Tobi Lou’s “LOUNAR” is part of a three-song series called ‘Tobi lou and the moon’. But don’t let the title make you think him pretentious, Tobi Lou is quite capable of executing abstractness. Thanks to the combination of Tobi lou, JuiceBangers, Swrly and Facer’s synth-heavy production, “LOUNAR” conjures up a sound that is a golden hour glow with cotton candy-coloured skies.

Tobi Lou describes the state of his relationship with a love interest singing, “I think I’m in love with you, but I don’t think its working”. His lyrics confirm the eventual loss of this love, “What we had was special, now we don’t exist” and as most people whose relationships have suffered a falling out, the regret lingers. The video for “LOUNAR” shows Tobi performing the song in a green-room where surreal and trippy images flash mirroring his distressed emotional state.

See Tobi Lou in “LOUNAR” here

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Tobi Lou

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