A-Q replies Joyner Lucas’ “Devil’s Work” with new single, “God’s Work”

Watch the static filtered music video

Earlier this month, American rapper, Joyner Lucas put out “Devil’s Work”, a widely shared single that divided opinions because of its controversial lyrics, hinging on the demise of certain, name-checked individuals who the rapper felt the world would be better off without. Veteran Nigerian rapper, A-Q, has released a new single replying Joyner Lucas with his opposite stance, “God’s work”, along with an accompanying video.

Set to the same 808-drum led beat as “Devil’s Work”, A-Q reels off an extended, freewheeling verse, detailing his opposing views through bars that highlight the preciousness of each life. While an abortion line lands rather awkwardly in the midst of global debates concerning the topic, A-Q’s equally sneering and contemplative candour makes “God’s Work” a riveting piece of social commentary. In the DIY video for “God’s Work”, A-Q performs the song in a black and white background, embellishing the stark sentiments expressed throughout the song.

You can watch the video for “Devil’s Work” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/ThisIsAQ
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