Jarell Ebuka features CY Dieyi for inspirational new single, “Far From Perfect”

Medicine for your inferiority complex and anxieties

Jarell Ebuka’s new song, “Far From Perfect”, deals with the feeling of being inferior, striking the very core of human anxiety. Over the somber mix of percussion harmonies, string instruments and rolling drum riffs, Jarell Ebuka gives an earnest account of our imperfection, convinced it’s what makes us so alluring; “You Should Know, We’re Far Far From Perfect, Blessed With The Riches of Heartbreak and Sorrow”. While Jarell Ebuka’s vocals take the lead, CY Dieyi sings as backup, teasing a joy with her subdued harmonizing. The combination makes their performance shimmer in line with the song’s message to treat every hard rock life throws at you as a stepping stone.

Listen to Jarell Ebuka and CY Dieyi’s “Far From Perfect” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/jarell_ebuka
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