Listen to Adewolf’s inspirational single, “Golden”

For a therapeutic listening experience

Canadian based artist, Adewolf is a sonic shapeshifter. He has been known to sing to Afropop beat on songs like “New Phone Who Be Dis?” and deliver free-flowing raps on “Dynamite”. But his musical interests are more expansive on his latest single, “Golden”; channelling his ingenious Yoruba dialect and gospel-inspired sounds.

A piano-led beat serves as the backdrop for Adewolf’s emotive performance as he produces melancholic harmonies to highlight the gloom his lyrics attempt to overcome. Rapping“Suicide creeping in my mind/ But I’m too afraid to try to take my life/ So I’m steady on, focused on my grind”, his reflective delivery focuses on his personal experience. But his lyrics paint scenarios that are relatable for any millennial that has ever battled with depression. It makes for a therapeutic listening experience with the warmth of his gospel-inspired sound and his encouraging message.

Stream Adewolf’s “Golden” below.

Featured Image Credits: Soundcloud/adewolfj3
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