Watch Krizbeatz “Boss Whine” featuring Skales

Afropop with a dash of Bollywood

“Boss Whine” carries in it the same energy that most Nigerian ‘Jollof’ pop songs have, even those within Krizbeatz small music catalog, from those on “Pana” to “Erima”. With his bare signature drums as a base, the song is mostly a chant from what you mostly hear artists sing, girls who make their “temper rise”. They sell trite expressions round the clock, but what makes this track unique is how Krizbeatz builds his drums layering it with the penetrating sound of the flute. The flow of this wind instrument mimics the suppleness inherent in classic Indian songs. Once Skales verses dissipates, the flute is left alone atop a very distant drum.

We are in need of a tantalising escape from the boring everyday routine of songs artists and producers make us listen too; same themes, same setting, same ambience, but Krizbeatz’ and Skales’ collective enthusiasm on the track is enough to save the track on a playlist.

Have a listen to Krizbeatz’ “Boss Whine” below, and just when the flute plays, don’t forget to whine like an Indian would.

Feature Image Credit: Youtube/Krizbeatzvevo “Boss Whine” 

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