Watch King Perryy’s “Work ‘N’ Grind”, a tribute to the hustle

A captivating celebration of staying dedicated to the grind

The laid back beat Chillz produces for King Perryy’s “Work ‘N’ Grind” has a warm, delicately groovy baseline with horns adding a relaxing quality to it. Its beach-vibe and blissed-out sound sets the lounging mood for King Perryy’s celebration of the hustler’s lifestyle. Singing “How Man Wan Dey Fit To Cater for Your Mama When You No Get Paper”, the song offers a compelling and relatable motive for remaining dedicated to the grind.

The recently released music video for “Work ‘N’ Grind” highlights King Perryy’s relatable drive for a better life. Director K directs the video for Priorgold Pictures, opening with a recording of Kemi Smallz promoting the song for her listeners on the radio before we follow King Perryy through the streets of Lagos. Though the camera mostly stays focused on the singer as he reflects on his hustler instincts, striking cuts of  Lagosians working at their crafts and means of income make for a captivating music video.

You can watch the music video for “Work ‘N’ Grind” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/King Perryy
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