Wallz Baba Collaborates With Psycho YP And Tobby Drillz For “Cozy”

Outlandish brags grounded in ambition

Ambition is always a solid place for emcees to ground their more outlandish brags and Wallz Baba takes advantage of this with his lineup of sporadic releases, balancing his pursuit of fame and his evident self-belief. His first single of the year, “Cozy” follows the same template, albeit an attempt to reach more ears, via its song structure and guest rap feature.

“Cozy” is a superb slice of pop-rap, featuring a snappy beat built around an ominous piano riff and stomping drum pattern, as well as a sublime hook from Tobby Drillz to set up the song’s assertive disposition. Abuja rap ascendant, Psycho YP delivers the first verse, rife with elastic bar structures and assured raps. Wallz Baba’s second verse follows the same candour, but his verse takes a more personal spin, adding some autobiographical details which give his lyrics a relatable feel.

You can listen to “Cozy” here.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/wallz.y
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