WAFFLESNCREAM Release skateboarding short, ‘MANGO’

The short film highlights the historical significance of skate culture

WAFFLESNCREAM are one of the pillars of society for the youthful generation. Through their popular clothing line, their community events and their enlightening short films, WAFFLESNCREAM have garnered huge influence that extends beyond their tight-knit community of skateboard enthusiasts, penetrating Nigerian youth culture at large. Dedicated to chronicling Nigeria’s cultural history – on the wheels of the skateboard – WAFFLESNCREAM are consistently ushering out emotive content, with their latest offering titled, MANGO.

Mango 🥭

MANGO is a historical account of the rise of skateboarding in Lagos, narrating how the brain-drained, cut-throat 1990s was juxtaposed by the increased opportunities that emerged with the new millennium. The global recession sweeping the West forced  the skilled Nigerians who had emigrated for work to return. This, narrates Tolani Adu, is how skateboarding culture was born.

This exclusively Yoruba narration is set to a rousing video directed by South African videographer, Jonathan Pinkhard. MANGO canvases everyday Lagos life through the eyes of avid skateboarders, Fahd Bello, Leonard Theagwan, Henry Okwubuasi and other members of the WAFFLES family.

Day and night the WAFFLESNCREAM boys train relentlessly to cheers from the local community when the land successful. Whilst the skaters themselves have formed an unwavering brotherly bond, beyond their own kinship, their practice brings them together with the local people in the varying parts of Lagos they tour.

Coming in at a brief 8-minutes MANGO shows just how far-reaching skate culture has become, thanks almost entirely to WAFFLESNCREAM conglomerate who have fostered a keen sense of community spirit, for onlookers, learners and pro-skaters alike. Watch the feel-good short below:

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