7 inventions that your favorite sci-fi film accurately predicted

Without getting into all the science mumbo jumbo

Sci-fi movies by every definition seek to present realistic representations of what shape the future will take. Classic movies like “Star Wars”, “Back To The Future” and “Terminator” have shown that technology will certainly get more advanced. We definitely don’t have the flying cars we were promised in the Jetsons but we’ve made mind-boggling advancements in science and technology, advancements so vast that a hundred years ago they would have been the stuff of dreams. Some of the inventions already in existence are mind blowing—and borderline strange—enough to make us feel like we are living in a movie.


Hoverboards may not have lived up to all it was hyped to be in “Back to the Future” and “Ben Ten” but the ideas are very similar. The popularity however wasn’t affected by that fact. The leisure toy enjoyed face-time on celebrity snapchats and IG posts back in 2015 and most part of 2016, forcing the gadget to become the most sort after invention despite its obvious lack of cinematic excitement. Hoverboards still remain one of the best representations of movie induced inventions because as we all know, real life is rarely ever as exciting as the theaters hype it up to be.


Scientific invention’s primary purpose is to make life simpler and Drones have proven to be quite the handy tools. They come in all sorts of futuristic shapes fitting right into “Robocop” and “Power Rangers” scenes from the 80’s and early 90’s. The public’s reaction to the gadget was initially unfriendly as they were seen as UFO’s but gradually Drones have gotten accepted for their usefulness. Taking fascinating bird-eye photographs and serving as trusty mail carriers are some of the more public acclaimed uses of Drones but the US military has also been accused of finding more sinister uses for Drones. The use of Drones in combat looks to be the future of the war now that destruction can be done remotely via a PlayStation pad or an X Box pad. Basically the “Ender’s Game” script is just an alien invention away now. Exciting enough for you?

VR Glasses

Virtual reality a few years ago meant video games but movies have shown us the possibilities of virtual reality is so much more fun. “Matrix” was action packed and by the 3rd viewing, we could finally listen to the actual plot of the movie that redefined many people’s thinking on VR. While the Snapchat and Google VR Glasses haven’t quite caught on, video game accessories like Oculus Rift VR headsets are booming.

Self Driving Cars

Sci-fi movies have given different narratives for what the future of automobiles would look like. We might get around to flying cars eventually but right now, automobile companies are obsessing over cracking the code for driverless cars. Tech companies have borrowed another page from the sci-fi movies to make life easier for everyone with UK estimating 2,500 fewer deaths will occur between 2014 and 2030 as a result of self-driving cars. Google reported that between September 2014 and November 2015, there were 13 cases where the driverless car would have been at fault for an accident, had the human in the car not intervened in the situation. This worries have set back the wide spread of the cars but while the kinks get ironed out, anyone who has seen “Knight Runner” probably already figured all the how this would end.

Smart Clothes

Marty wore auto-lacing sneakers and auto-drying jacket in “Back To The Future”. Those two inventions are past due with the fashion and convenience benefits. Rumors of Nike launching a similar shoe are already swirling and stain-proof clothes that can change colors really should be included on their to-do list.

Air Touch Screens

Sci-fi flick, “The Minority Report”, featured touch-screen technology with a bit more finesse as Tom Cruise waved his hands in the air and controlled the simulations. A Taiwan company has invented that technology already. The prototype allows you generate a private air touch display using glasses but doesn’t require any voice activation or even a physical keyboard screen for input.

Facebook Mind Reading

Netflick’s “Black Mirrors” have stretched the extent of our futuristic imagination but Facebook is ready to match them with “Building 8”, a mind blowing invention designed to read minds. Facebook announced that their device would let users type hands-free. The goal is to bring both physical and digital worlds together with the aid of smartphone cameras and ultimately, independent of any device and rely on human ticks such as vibrations from our arms representing words and phrases.

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