Day In The Life: Anthony Iban and Michael Amusan, DLT Brunch Co-Founders

An exclusive look into the lives of DLT brunch co founders

DLT Brunch is one of the most attended events in London for young Black people. Founded by four friends Michael ‘MK’ Amusan, Bosun Apata, Ife Awosika and Anthony Iban, Days Like This (DLT), a UK based event outfit with a quest to fill a vaccum: curating and providing quality entertainment for Black people, who looked just like them.

Now, six years since their first event in London, DLT Brunch has expanded into a cross-continental affair, bringing wonderous party experiences to Black people in cities such as Lagos, Accra, Ibiza, Malta and more.

In an interview with the NATIVE late last year, co founder MK mentioned I think we started to learn that we were a staple within the London party culture. What it made us do is help us realise we weren’t always intentional for what we were doing for Africans and Caribbeans in London, because that’s who we were appealing to,” explaining the important role DLT Brunch plays in the UK, and it’s importance on the Black culture. 

With this in mind, we sat down with 2/4 of the DLT Brunch crew and got to learn about how they run their ship, across different regions and countries. To get a sense of how they pull it all off, we spoke with co-founders Anthony Iban and Michael Amusan about their daily schedules.

From spending time at meetings, listening to new music and discussing potential signings, to ending the day with thirty minutes to an hour of video games, here’s a quick deep dive into what a day in the life of DLT brunch’s co-founders looks like. 

A Day In The Life Of Anthony:

8.30am – I wake up after having a late night. I try to avoid looking at my phone within the first hour of waking up so I have time to myself. I prepare myself for my job as an A&R Partnerships Senior Manager at a music publishing company.

9.30am – After I’ve showered and gotten ready I drive to North Greenwich station. I switch between listening to new music and the Rory and Mal podcast while driving as it’s easier to take in music/podcasts without distractions of texts. This particular episode I enjoyed because they discussed how underrated Sisqo was. Who I rate highly. On the train, I listen to ‘CKay The First’ album and repeat my favourite song Oliver Kahn featuring BOJ. 

11:00am – Go to an A&R meeting at work where we play each other new music and discuss prospective signings. I enjoy these meetings as I get to hear some songs that I wouldn’t normally listen to. It gives me a wide breadth of music knowledge. 


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12:30pm – Have a marketing call with MK and an external marketing agency about potentially working with DLT for a new activation. Never done this before so we are being cautious and asking a lot of questions before and after the call. In between a lot of these activities MK and I stay in constant communication via WhatsApp so we can stay on top of everything that’s happening with DLT. 

1:30pm – Met an artist lawyer for lunch at Dishoom. He represents a lot of the artists that I like so thought it’d be great to put a face to the name. We both discuss our excitement about going to Ghana during the Christmas period. 

3:00pm – Back to my office to respond to emails to set up artist sessions and them working with potential brands. Throughout the day I check my DLT emails/WhatsApp groups on the go, making offers for artists to perform at DLT. As well as making sure things are going smoothly for our upcoming Ghana projects. 

6:00pm – Met with MK to meet the CEO of Pollen, we are discussing business ideas for DLT and working with each other.

8:00pm – Return home. When I get home, I normally chill and watch something or play video games.

A Day In The Life Of MK 

7:30am – I wake up, check my 3 mailboxes. My work mailbox, a personal one and my DLT one. After reading a few emails and messaging a few WhatsApp groups re DLT stuff, I get myself ready to go to the office for my day job as a Trade and Transaction reporting lead for PGIE. The hardest part of my day is getting up, I usually struggle in the mornings so I tend to set my alarm 30mins before I’m due to get up to have some downtime in bed. My morning routine usually consists of me playing music, today’s song choice is Darrell Cole – “My Bruddah.” 

8:00am – Quick catch up with the DLT Digital/Social team on WhatsApp whilst on my commute to update them on what’s to come this week. We have 2 events to announce this week in Ghana. All of us are excited about going back, it’s the first time since what we did in 2019 and we’re keen to ensure it wasn’t a one-off.

8:55am – I am in the office with a mocha from Pret and catching up with yesterday's emails for the next few hours until lunchtime. I have a governance meeting at 2pm which I need to create the presentation for and have it approved before the call. I enjoy putting decks and stats together, but my manager can be particular in how he wants things, I essentially have to give myself time to go over things before the call which adds to the pressure of getting things done in a timely manner.

12:00pm – Working lunch… I am catching up with the guys at Polo Beach Club about our collaboration as we plan to announce things this week. The call with the guys goes really well, they have some production ideas which will blow everyone’s mind. I left the call feeling excited.


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12:30pm – Meeting with Anthony and a marketing agency on potentially working with DLT on an activation. This is somewhat new territory for us, as it’s not a music activation. They made us sign an NDA so I can’t disclose who it is, but if it comes to life people will be pretty impressed. I’m excited about it.

2:00pm – I head up my trade and transaction reporting governance call, so I have to switch from speaking about all things events to all things financial conduct. The call runs smoothly, as usual with loads of actions off the back of it. I aim to catch up with these tomorrow.

3:00pm – Daily reconciliation checks and trade and transaction reports. 

4:30pm – I leave work a tad bit early to get to studio 338 with Ife to run through the ideas for our Anti NYE party in London. We want to make sure our last London party goes off with a bang, so we are pushing the limits in terms of what we can add to the experience. 

6:00pm – Meet up with Anthony and Pollen CEO to discuss 2022 plans. I’m really excited about this as we have been talking for nearly 2 years about doing something internationally… but this time feels like it could happen.

8:00pm – I am home, after a long day I want to switch off all things work and DLT so I decide to play my PlayStation for an hour to switch off before preparing for bed.

Featured image credits/Courtesy of DLT