Falz makes a random and hilarious appearance on Arsenal Fan TV

Falz is having the time of his life in London

Robbie, host of the Arsenal Fan TV had Nigerian rapper, Falz The Bahd Guy on his YouTube vox pop. The host didn’t realise who Falz was at first, but a Nigerian in the small crowd introduced Falz (to Robbie) as one of the biggest artists in Nigeria in the presence of other Arsenal fans exiting the home stadium after a 2-0 victory against Sunderland.

Falz however, didn’t seem as excited because he immediately switched to serious questions about the game, asking “To What End?”. Clearly he was not impressed by the scoreline as it wasn’t enough to secure the fourth League position Arsenal has become synonymous with. When asked how he feels about playing in the Europa League, he blamed Wenger for Arsenal’s woes and discussed on other comical Arsenal troubles, including how he’s finding it hard to remain an Arsenal supporter.

Watch the full Falz interview below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/ArsenalFanTv

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