The NATIVE Presents The Official Songs Of The Summer Charts with TurnTable

Summer is officially here

This summer, TurnTable Charts and The NATIVE will be partnering up to present the inaugural edition of the official Songs of the Summer chart. Set to begin with two distinct charts; namely the Songs of the Summer Nigeria chart and Global Afrobeats Songs of the Summer chart, the seasonal countdown will feature all the hottest songs of the season within the country and the international community at large.

The Nigerian chart will employ the same methodology as the weekly TurnTable Top 50 that combines freemium streaming, radio, and TV impressions while the global chart will combine the global streaming numbers on Spotify and YouTube along with airplay across over 80 countries with streaming being weighted higher than airplay. The chart will run officially for a period of 10 weeks from the 29th of June to August 31, 2021.

Songs of the Summer Nigeria chart

The Songs of the Summer Chart is an innovation that will highlight the biggest songs of the summer as is the culture in most countries around the world. Our methodology will employ the same format as the weekly TurnTable Top 50 charts with airplay (radio and TV is rated higher than freemium streaming). Within this framework, songs such as Olamide’s “Rock” and Ladipoe’s “Feeling” enter into the Top 2 spots on the charts owing to their total streams (airplay and TV) of 2782272 and 1939227 respectively. At the end of the 10-week period, the No.1 song of the entire season will be announced and published.

Global African Songs of the Summer chart

This chart will announce the most popular Afrobeats song globally during the summer. It combines global streaming on Spotify and Youtube as well as airplay across over 80 countries. Within this framework, streaming is weighted higher than airplay and a No.1 song of the summer will be announced after the 10-week period. The conditions for qualifying under this category include releasing a song by an African artist or one that features an African artist (signed by an African label) containing known elements of music associated with the continent and a song that managed to chart on the Nigerian radio Top 1000 songs.

You can check out a full rundown of the charts here.

Featured image credits/NATIVE