Cruel Santino teams up with Octavian for first single of the year, “End Of The Wicked”

He's also announced joint venture with Monster Boy & Interscope Records

A few weeks ago, Santi introduced us to his alter ego, Cruel Santino who seems to be running the show now. Back in April, he announced that there’s new music on the way, and even though he kept us waiting for a bit longer than he promised, we were satiated with guest appearances on Octavian’s “Poison” and Tochi Bedford’s “Disintegrate“. He recently announced that changed his moniker to the aforementioned with a quirky parody skit showing off the different facets to him, in true Gemini fashion.

Now, he’s teamed up with Octavian again for his first single of the year, “End Of The Wicked”, which serves as the first taste of his upcoming sophomore album which will be released under his very impressive joint venture with Interscope Records and Monster Boy – a huge deal.

Santi and Octavian already showed off their great synergy on the slow-paced “Poison”, and now they confirmed it yet again on the quick-paced and energetic “End Of The Wicked” where they send a message to the haters whilst processing their hurt feelings. “Wait a minute, why you not feeling me? Walk around like you not seeing me, bitch please”, Octavian declares on the first verse, while Santi steals the show with his infectious hook in Santinese singing “Salty when they talk in the wickidy wickidy sickidy”. 

The heavily syncopated Monster Boy-produced beat marked by bold piano keys and 808s serves as the perfect bedding for their vocals to take centre stage, whilst juxtaposing the song’s sombre subject matter. It’s Santi’s world, we’re just living in it and with each release continues to prove this.

Stream E.O.T.W here: