Daddy 99’s “Odaewu” is too familiar but effective the way you like it

Facts here, no sweet words

The secret to show don’t tell is not a very popular technique used by many Nigerian artists doing mainstream music. The sonic terrain they navigate is a soup thick static that bubbles with percussion, string instruments, synths and droplets of trite lyricism. It’s not enough to make expressive music. It has to be constructive too. Although, in their music, telling is periodically overlapped with showing, what we do get that’s closest to this however, are innuendos and analogies. Like many of the trend’s guiding lights, Daddy 99, chants with threadbare lyrics on “Odaewu”: “Me I no go run away me I’m here for you, the way that you dancing, the way that you move got me thinking about you”. No complain here though, in fact not even going to be too hard on him. The plot twist here is “Odaewu” may be full of threadbare cliches, but the paradoxical effect of this is that it’s still very effective.

Daddy 99 isn’t really here for the depth. His purpose here is to ensure you have a good time; in your room, commuting, clubbing…everywhere. All you need is pay attention to OTO’s sound direction, feel yourself as you move and perhaps some whiskey —if you aren’’t driving of course.

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Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@daddy99official

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