Hear WavyTheCreator’s dreamy “Interlude 3” featuring King Zamir

A new single from 'the nigerian alien'

WavyTheCreator has been getting better with twisting and morphing her voice into something quite unlike anything, but perhaps, nobody understands this process better than Wavy anyway. The description for new track reads: “sultry sounds from the nigerian alien”, a testament to how much her music has changed in real-time since the release of “H.I.G.H”, the soulful EDM single that brought WavyTheCreator into our consciousness.


Her latest single is a follow-up to “Grand Theft Auto”, another ambient-made single featuring Akuchi. “Interlude 3” the new release, thrives on ambient synths and features a verse from King Zamir, whose smooth delivery adds a necessary gruff edge to Wavy’s sensual lyrics.

You can stream “Interlude 3” via SoundCloud below:

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