Mobelieve wants you to dance on “Gbo Temi” featuring 3rty

A soulful call to dance and have a good time

As times have changed, music production methods have also evolved. Software replaced traditional drums with 808’s and synths as the default domain of musical self-expression and traditional languages eased out of style.

In more recent years, sampling and nostalgia has led Afropop back to traditional samples. However, only a few have managed to infuse Yoruba into electro-soul-pop like Mobelieve on his latest single, “Gbo Temi”“Gbo Temi” is a soulful call to dance, sing and have a good time with the soft strummed guitars, warm synths and traditional drums that OLSB produces. Mobelieve’s Yoruba vocals are haunting with the layered vocal arrangement and his use of Yoruba idioms that give off a fetish feel rather than the pleasant interpretations. “E Te Se Mo Jo (Get Your Dance On)/ E Te Enu Bo Orin (Sing Along)/ Aye Ebami Judi Si Orin Mi(I Need Everyone To Dance To My Song)”. And with 3rty’s contribution singing “We’re About To Roll Up, Who’s Down?/ Whatever Goes Up Most Come Down”, none Yoruba speaking listeners can pick up some hints.

Listen to Mobelieve’s “Gbo Temi” featuring 3rty.

Featured Image Credits: Soundcloud/mobelieve

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