Teni brings her sophomore album one step closer with new single, “No Days Off”

Her sophomore album is on the way

In March, Teni shared a snippet of her latest single “No Days Off,” whetting fans and music lovers appetite in a wave of excitement. The track, with its uptempo bass and shuffling keys, sounded nothing like Teni’s previous works. The sonics of “No Day Off” as well as her fashion choices in the video for the snippet—baggy pants, sneakers and grills—are synonymous with the Alté music scene and are important pieces to Toni’s current mosaic.

Back in 2017, Teni made her mark in the Nigerian music industry with songwriting credits on Davido’s single “Like Dat.” Before her return to the country, she schooled in the US, where she polished her musicianship in music studios while relying on the benevolence of friends. After signing with Dr Dolor Entertainment in 2017, Teni went on a brilliant run of singles in the following year—“Lagos,” “Fake Jersey,” “Fargin,” “Wait,” “Pareke,” “Shakeam,” “Case,” “Askamaya,” “Christmas Is Here” and “Uyo Meyo”—and stamped her name on the consciousness of the music audiences. 

“Askamaya,” “Case” and “Uyo Meyo” were particularly influential in turning Teni from an upstart to a star that demanded mainstream attention. Those songs showcased Teni’s propensity to underpin a vast range of topics and concerns with her powerful vocals. Shortly after she entered the scene, awards followed, with  Teni scooping the Rookie of the Year plaque at the Headies Awards alongside other wins. In 2019, Teni didn’t lose any steam as she fed fans with “Party Next Door,” “Sugar Mummy,” “Power Rangers” and the ‘Billionaire’ EP.

Along with her music, Teni held appeal to her confidence as a plus-size woman in an industry and society that are ultimately judgemental of the lifestyle choices of women. With more music punctuating the years—her 2021 debut album ‘WONDALAND,’ for instance—Teni’s music has evolved, pushing beyond the boundaries by merging genres with her unique touch.

After sharing the snippet for the Genio Bambino-produced “No Days Off,” Teni heightened anticipation for the track with more promotional videos, showing off dance steps that match the energy of the track.  “I’ve been shooting hoops on the court with no days off/And you know I put my life on the line and it paid off,” Teni sings in praise of her perseverance and hard work. She also shouts out her day ones, people who have stood by her and injected confidence into every step of her journey. As much as the track is Teni’s celebration of her feats, it is also an opportunity for others to take pride in their exploits and the challenges they have surmounted.

With a sophomore album on the horizon, Teni uses “No Days Off” to recalibrate her artistry and lay a precursor for future sonic iterations. While she has scored massive success in the past, it is a fresh start for the singer as she reaches for new creative highs.

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