See the music video for Hotyce’s “Red Light”, featuring Jesse Jagz

Jessie Jagz preaches his Rastafarian gospel while Hotyce delivers a convincing rap performance

Hotyce made a big splash when he debuted his ‘RedHOTYCEcold Vol. 1’ album last year with features from some of the OG hip-hop acts in the industry. The presence of rappers like M.I and Jessie Jagz on the album seemed to validate his cock-sure bars as a he spit game over triumphant hip-hop beats. The K2o Entertainment rapper just released the music video for “Red Hot”, one of the standout tracks from the project and it features Jessie Jagz preaching his Rastafarian gospel while Hotyce delivers a convincing performance to encourage hustlers.

The music video for “Red Hot” is directed by MEX who shoots using black and white monochromes and red light enhancing filters. The video follows Hotyce along as he confidently displays his rapping ability and street savvy when he’s seen gambling with his homies. Jesse Jagz also cameos in the video along with some models.

You can watch the music video for “Red Hot” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/The K2o Entertainment
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