Listen to Mobelieve’s new “Jolly Jolly” single

As far as party music goes, Jolly Jolly checks all the right boxes

Thanks to free streaming sites, talent scouts can find the next big artists right from the comfort of their rooms. Artists like Adele, Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston were first discovered online before becoming mainstream sensations and lately more artists (Playboy Carti, Odunsi and even Princess Vitara) have taken advantage of the exposure provided by the web, built a viable fan base that helped bring commercial success to their music. Like most upcoming artists trying to get recognition online, Mobelieve’s debut single, “Friends And Frenemies (Mash Up)” was a medley of instantly recognizable hit singles from the Nigerian soundscape done over a soulful instrumental, par the course for indie artists looking to announce themselves by appealing to already existing fan bases. But his new single, “Jolly Jolly” is more pop and it also affords him the opportunity to show off his song writing skills.

The mid-tempo synth beats for “Jolly Jolly” is produced by OLSB using a piano baseline over gong loops and electronic harmonies that could easily be categorized as EDM. The drum pattern however, is very much inspired by Nigerian tribal music. “Jolly Jolly” listens like a pop bop influenced by Nigerian folk and layered on with dextrous vocal work done in Yoruba language as he describes a traditional party scene using “Drinking my Emu” and “Pepper soup” for imagery.  “Mukeke”, a popular Yoruba onomatopoeia also features for sexual context.

If you’ve ever been drunk off the “Emu” at a party, you’ll definitely vibe to this,  and as far as party music goes, Mobelieve’s “Jolly Jolly” checks all the right boxes.

Listen to Mobelieve’s “Jolly Jolly” below.

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