J Hus releases debut album, “Common Sense”

A 17-track serving from an ugly man making sexy money

Late last night, J Hus released his debut album Common Sense. Common Sense comes in on the rise of Afro-inspired hip-hop and pop sub-genres produced in the UK. Prior to this release, J Hus dropped album lead single, “Did You See” earlier in the year and the album’s title track, less than two weeks ago, to hint at what was to come.


On Common Sense, you see J Hus in different shades depending on where you point the light. The anger you hear on low points like “Leave Me” feels nearly motivational on “Who You Are”, a song about self-discovery and curating your inner circle. J Hus brings a blend of hard UK flow sprinkled with new wave Afrobeat and bashment. And where the lines are blur, he restates his purpose as a British rapper with hard-hitting grime-influenced tracks like “Clartin” and “Goodies” .

Listen to J Hus’ Common Sense via Apple Music below

Watch video for J Hus’ “Did you see”