Dunnie teams up with Oxlade for new single, “Overdose”

She taps into the romantic leanings of afropop's loverboy, Oxlade

Earlier this year, Dunnie stormed her way into our hearts with her stellar EP, ‘Four’ and since then, she’s only proved her growing appeal with each new release. Her vibrant EP spawned the titillating romantic number, “Overdose”, where she endlessly narrated her devotion to a lover.

So, it follows that for her latest offering, “Overdose Remix”, Dunnie taps into the ethereal romantic touch from afropop’s favorite loverboy Oxlade, and in keeping with his usual energy, it’s a certified bop.


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Over the lively self-produced beat that, Dunnie sings about the intoxicating rush of a new lover sticking to most of the original song’s hypnotic pulse. The tender melodies make the perfect backdrop for her to fire off her romantic intentions and she leaves no room for second-guessing her feelings. Singing “You have captured my heart/The way that you give me love, overdose”, the imagery is both vivid and relatable to anyone that has ever felt the thrill of a new lover.

Oxlade joins her on the song’s second verse, where he makes bold proclamations of his love, singing: ‘Everything I have done for you is true love/Give me loving overdose’. He sings with sentimental longing, and his alluring vocals intermingles with hers for intimate storytelling at its finest. Soothing and sumptuous, this is a mid-tempo bop to really get you in a relaxed mood this weekend.

Stream “Overdose Remix” below.

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