Teffy flaunts the artist lifestyle in his new music video for “Señorita”

Expanding his discography to explore more confident themes

Teffy has been building a buzz worthy of a project release since he released the music video for “Girate” featuring BOJ and followed that up with “Upside Down”, where he shows off his dancefloor capabilities over a beat GMK engineers. He continues to grow his base with a new release, the music video for “Señorita”, building his catalogue as he expands his range to explore more confident themes you’d expect from established artists.

Granted, the DIY direction and grainy filters in the music video B directs for “Señorita” doesn’t do justice to the flashy song which opens with a jingling sample that listens like the noise from dangling icy chains, it leaves room for Teffy to shine. The music video’s narrative is driven almost entirely by his charisma as he glorifies his lifestyle as a Nigerian artist in Lagos, travelling around the city from record studios to clubs while performing his cocky freestyle-esque lyrics, “I got big stacks, baby I got big bags” in his melodic rap flow.

Watch the music video for Teffy’s “Señorita” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Teffy The Melody King
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