Show Dem Camp’s Tec teams up with Mojeed and Spax for “Voices”

The ultimate comeback to those snubbing pop-style rap

Show Dem Camp songs have always been the doorway between the dark of this world and the promised light of another. While their rapping stays true to Hip-hop’s showy narrative, Ghost and Tec prefer to drape themselves in the Afropop’ feel good vibe. And no song better exemplifies this curious balance of sweetness and coarseness than Tec’s new single, “Voices” featuring Mojeed and Spax.

Mojeed and Tec deliver a verse each rapping about some of their accomplishments. But with lines like “Mi O Wo Chain Oni Panda” and “I Told The Bouncer ‘I’m Faded, What?” respectively, we are spared from bloated and over-budget gloats with no sense of fun. The playful effect suggests a fender-bender between Tec and Mojeed with only Spax’s production as witness.

The Afrobeat inspired piano led instrumental Spax produces with base guitar riffs, horn samples and vocal samples gives Tec the context to make a subtle reference to the recent affront to pop style rappers. He puts all introspection aside for a pan-regional song about “Chics Go(ing) Nut”, “Ball(ing) Hard” and “Party(ing) Nonstop”. And while “Voices” isn’t Drake’s “Back To Back”, there’s no denying that having a good time and remaining oblivious to the haters is the ultimate comeback.

Listen to “Voices” by Tec, Mojeed and Spax below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/showdemcamp

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