Johnny Drille gets a second chance at love in his video for “Romeo and Juliet”

Always the helpless romantic

Since joining Don Jazzy’s Mavin Dynasty label earlier this year, Johnny Drille has been doing the most with his music video releases. Though his first official release as a Mavin artists was a video for his pre-released “Wait For Me” single, the video was his debut thus leaving him a clean slate to create a image for himself. And so far, his magnum opus begs a question that has never been asked by anyone under Don Jazzy’s label before: Is Johnny Drille some kind of weirdo conceptual artist working in epic music-video mode?

It’s rare for Nigerian artist to take the wheel of their video rollout the way Johnny Drille has by creating a series of conjoined videos. While it’s still unclear if the videos mean his anticipated debut album will follow one storyline, the video for “Wait For Me” and his follow up single, “Romeo And Juliet” seem to tell the same story of Johnny Drille, or at least a version of him.

Over the course of the two videos—both directed by Mex Films—Johnny Drille is a helplessly romantic who is constantly falling for long-hair wearing dark skinned models who play damsel in distress oh so well. After losing his love interest to a fatal ailment while at a military camp in the first video, the video for “Romeo And Juliet” sees him get over the loss and into the arms of a new partner who he’s again ready to “(Give His) Heart. Give It All/ Won’t Take It Back”. 

The same retro motif used in the video for “Wait For Me” that supplements Johnny Drille’s country-esque folk music style and his homely love themes continues on the the video for “Romeo And Juliet”. And as if to emphasize the continuity, the same model used in the first video is seen in a photography but quickly forgotten when the new woman in his live needs saving.

You can watch the video for “Romeo And Juliet” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/MavinRecords

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