DJ Tiz taps Tay Iwar, channelling lover boy vibes on “Phone up”

Phone up when you’re lonely

Words By Ehimenim Agweh

Love’s got different shades, different strokes. The clinging, the longing, the needing phases which take you from emotional to crazy in seconds. But what makes each phase special is the knowledge that someone somewhere might just feel the same way. But what happens when you mess up and need to get back?

On the heels of last month’s “Call U” comes a collaboration with DJ Tiz. Tay Iwar is covering all the bases of apologetic affection in “Phone up”. Crooning wistfully, Tay Iwar and DJ Tiz navigate the trials of a lover on the giving end who wants to be back in his lady’s good graces. Self realization creeps in with his pleas to the girl to call him up when she’s ready. It’s a heartfelt tune with an age old theme.

DJ Tiz works a number on Tay Iwar’s voice, lacing it with African drums to give a traditional feel. A streak of electronic sound works its way in the guitar rhythms which flow over the lyrics. The mood is overall nostalgic and perfect for a rainy afternoon.

Tay Iwar is expected to feature on Boogey’s upcoming single, “Liquor Nights” to be released next Thursday.

Meanwhile, listen to his feature on DJ Tiz’s “Phone Up” below.

Feature Image Credit: Instagram/DJTiz

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