Listen to King Perryy’s charming new single, “My Darlina”

Aims for an aura of star-crossed love and appreciation

One of the major reasons love songs do so well on the dancefloor, is because the artists serve as a mouthpiece for couples, sometimes singing exactly what they’re feeling.

King Perryy’s latest single, “My Darlina” has all the potential to be the biggest song in the country, as it seemed to aim for an aura of star-crossed love and appreciation. It melds influences from around the world with a groovy blend of auto-tuned ad-libs, electronic music beat drops and highlife guitar rhythms.

King Perryy’s direct plea for affection, “Would you be mine/ I’d be on time” is delivered in such a subtle manner, you feel shy for intruding on such intimate exchange between lovers.

Stream King Perryy’s “My Darlina” below.

Featured Image Credits: Maj Del Images
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