Listen to Rico P’s romantic new single, “Stay With Me”

Breaking down the stages of the fated romance-gone-sour

Love songs have been the bread and butter of pop music since there has been pop music. Asides how saccharine they tend to be, there’s also the added bonus of how universal the theme is. Radio can’t play enough love songs and Rico.P is sure to get more than a few plays for his new romantic new single, “Stay With Me” aided by production from Remy Baggins and HiGO.

Rico P’s folk melodies over the electronic guitar led instrumentals on “Stay With Me” combine to create a compelling blend of traditional folk music and contemporary pop. His reflective lyrics heighten the fusion dangerously close to Beautiful Nubia standards as he confesses his desperation for a lover’s affection: “Can’t You See That I Am Dying/ I Need Love In My Life”. Though the love story seems destined for disaster—as they often are, Rico P stays for the most part, optimistic. Traditional afro-drum riffs ensure that while Rico P mopes about his feelings, listeners can keep a steady tap tap rhythm going with their feet.

No matter where you are on the romance cycle, newly single, deeply in love, hitting a rough patch, dating around, missing a former flame, Rico P’s “Stay With Me” is a song you can definitely get into. He creates a multi-layered narrative that rings true in all the stages of his relationship with his muse. That isn’t a very easy feat but Rico P manages it quite remarkably.

Listen to “Stay With Me” below.

Featured Image Credits: SoundCloud/official-ricop

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