How smooth is Wande Coal’s ‘Shaku shaku’ in this video for “Tur-Key Nla”?

Wande Coal still knows how to burst a move

For an artist who debuted nearly 10 years ago, Wande Coal’s smooth hand body coordination is always mind-bending, nevermind his cute chubbiness. His music releases have also been just as spirited, scoring a sleeper hit with “Iskaba” and enjoying radio circulation well into last year—despite being released in 2016. Perhaps in an attempt to replicate last year’s success, the singer has released the video for “Tur-Key Nla”, a single released in time for last year’s Christmas celebrations.

The video for “Tur-Key Nla” is shot in a set that makes it look like it was recorded while another shoot was going on. Which is just as well since it provides some context to the plot of the video and why there are so many models around. Following the single’s raunchy pseudo-romantic narrative, Wande Coal chases a love interest around and tries several tricks—sweet talking, dancing and spraying money—to win her affection.

In line with the song’s lyrics, all of Wande Coal’s cooing doesn’t seem to faze his love interest. Even when he slips into a sleek shaku-shaku groove, she keeps walking around the colourful set till Wande Coals pulls out some money and sprays it around for effect.

Watch the video for “Tur-Key Nla” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/WandecoalVEVO

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