Hear “Freaky”, the lead single from Santi’s coming project

Featuring Bad Bridge and Nonso Amadi

Santi just debuted “Freaky”, the lead single from his anticipated project, and it features vocals from Bad Bridge and Nonso Amadi. All three artists belong to the same category of new artists melding influences from homegrown Afropop and Travis Scott-type beats, to create a darker, more atmospheric Afropop sound. “Freaky” details the flirtatious side to every sappy relationship conflict and heartbreak story. While Bad Bridge and Santi seem to be celebrating the sparks, flare and intensity of illegitimate relationships, Nonso Amadi’s verse gives the narrative an wholesome scope as he sings of the more downcast rocky ending result of cheating. Backed by the catchy beat Genio produces with a brilliant sample from Ikechukwu’s “Shoobeedoo”, “Freaky” is staple for summer parties.

Listen to “Freaky” by Santi, Bad Bridge and Nonso Amadi below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/cruelsantino
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