Dunnie’s “Wahala” displays her ability to inspire an experience with her music

Acoustic sweetness on beat

Great music requires the songwriter to match lyrics with the perfect groove to deliver the song’s intended message. On Dunnie’s previously released track “Give It To Me” she pairs her dotting lyrics with a classic highlife beat that vivifies the track. On her new song,  “Wahala” she gives a detailed description of Lagos’ struggle lifestyle.


Over the guitar-led beat with upbeat drums and distinct bell chime, she paints a picture of a scene on a bus. Singing “Condo Give Me My Change I No Won Forget, Condo Come Dey Shout For My Head”, the imagery is both vivid and relatable for anyone that has ever been on a bus around these parts. On the second verse, she moves on to yet another “Wahala” when she haggles with a pepper seller trying to sell her 100 Naira pepper for 1000.

She describes the stress the average Nigerian will relate to, but with soothing vocals that betray the firmness in her resolve not to be taken for granted.

You can listen to Dunnie’s “Wahala” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/officialdunnie

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