Bump This: “Love Is Pain” by Simon A featuring Daramola

February is gone now so lets get real about love

Being in love is the most natural of highs, it even comes with the side effect of withdrawal symptoms and everything. One of the side effects of unrequited love is having you at your wits end, screaming for everyone and anyone to listen to the heartbreaking story, like Daramola is doing on Simon A’s new single, “Love is Pain”.

Simon A. produces “Love Is Pain” with sombre electronic samples while Daramola performs the song describing emotions everyone who doesn’t look like Rihanna has probably felt more often than they’ll like to admit. He sings of a relationship where despite his giving constantly, he gets next to nothing in return. He highlights the good, the bad and the ugly sides to matters of the heart.

Listen to “Love Is Pain” here;

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