See AYLØ in warm and soothing video for “Still II”

With nods to the warm and relaxing summer atmosphere

The concept for “Still II”, AYLØ’s latest video release is simple; he takes a walk by the beach, rides a horse then drives out to the city where he meets up with a love interest. His lyrics are vivid and sensual, with nods to the warm and relaxing summer atmosphere heard through the ambient percussion and synths. The video also finds similar simplicity in the handheld shots of a day in AYLØ’s life.

Nari directs the 2-minute long video following AYLØ and in essence allowing viewers to see a humane side of the artist as he takes a walk on the Ikoyi bridge with his love interest.

Watch the video for “Still II” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/AYLØ

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