Rookie delivers a smooth Jazz love course on “I Wrote A Song About You”

His spring back from the angst that happened to him last year.

“I Wrote A Song About You” is Rookie SBK’s official music spring back from the angst that happened to him last year. The guy had gotten jaded after putting together 43 songs into one compilation album under the umbrella name Songs For The Blue on his Soundcloud. Tracks on the album are literally his life stories, on a track like “Brink of Adulthood” he rap-sings, ranting to his mother and people, that he is all grown up and on “Wake and Bake” he illustrates a dishonest relationship. This was in late December 2016. All tracks are raw and unmixed tracks, dished out to fans and supporters. In his own words, “the real ones who fuck with the sound”. Then. The unthinkable happens.

First, someone steals all his recording equipments, then Rookie gets into a copyright mess and is taken down on Soundcloud –perhaps this is why we now have 37 songs on the playlist, not the intended 43.  After having put so much work in the music work, Rookie gets worn out, bored and tired of life. To him, it was impossible to escape the ennui and despair of it all, and in that moment he tells himself nothing lasts forever, even his music career. But this is a tale too trivial when juxtaposed with how good of an artist Rookie is. And he’s improving. Besides, he gets an ego boost from his followers on social media platforms who motivate him to keep the singing going.

Rookie is becoming a master in the RnB, Jazz and Hip-hop genre. Even when he sounds like Chris Brown or Justin Timberlake, he sounds like himself. And he takes even more pleasure in making sure we know too. “I Wrote A Song About You”, his new song is all bravado. Rookie creates a smooth beat out of a constant piano baseline, bouncing bass and a sound that strikes like a finger snap and he rides it with that fluid, effortless falsetto. “I’m just trying to heal, Oh baby I confess,” into “Tonight the stars are out for you” becomes a sentiment worthy of flushed swoons when it’s stealthily slowed down, leaving just the instrumentals to finish up.

“I Wrote A Song About You” is the kind of that smooth sultry vibe that win ladies back and maybe this really would for Rookie.

It’s beautiful. Peep the track below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Rookie_SBK

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