Ria Boss celebrates family and community in the new video for “Blood Bound”

Family means everything in the end

The rollercoaster of a year is finally drawing to a close, but artists are keeping us excited and on our toes right till the very end. Ghanaian r&b and neo-soul singer Ria Boss returns to our screens with a new video for her single “Blood Bound”, first released two years ago on her EP ‘Born Day’.

Back in 2018, the soulful artist had embarked on a grand endeavour to release an EP every week for several months for a project she coined as the #THANKGODFORRIA Series. And now finally, she’s expanding the world around the series by releasing the video to “Blood Bound”, a song that speaks to the value and importance of our family, chosen or otherwise, released as the singer celebrates her birthday.


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Our nuclear families are the first social point of contact for many of us growing up, many of the values that we hold today can be traced back to our nuclear families which shape the way that we view the world today. On the reflective track, “Blood Bound”, Ria Boss knows the importance of her family and sings about their unwavering love for each other despite what life may throw their way. She’s sombre, contemplating who has really got her back in the world but rather than lose all hope, she remains fortified knowing that her family who is “bound by blood” will be there for her no matter the weather.

The self-directed music video, in collaboration with Elikem Akpalu, shows the singer in the garden surrounded by the women she loves the most. Ria delivers a snapshot of a family who stands together, sitting beside her mother in silence as they both majestically wait at the foot of her grandmother. The scene warmly shows three generations of women bonded together by blood but strengthened by their love for each other. As Ria Boss echoes the words “family is soul” over the song’s neo-soul ready strings, she burns sage and cleanses her environment, wading off whatever would be a threat to such a beautiful familial moment. Keeping in line with her earlier release “Call Up”, Ria Boss uses her music to remind listeners about the importance of finding and cherishing your people. It’s sweet and sentimental and the perfect pick me up for the mid-week blues.

Watch the video for “Blood Bound” below.

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