Yinka Bernie conveys all the sultry sentiments from finding love on new single, “St. Maria”

It's the type of performance you you'd pay good money to experience live

There was a moment on Yinka Bernie’s debut EP, ’19 and Over’, that hinted at his desire to push his work into buoyant pop-soul territory. But after hearing the positively contagious groove of his latest single, “St. Maria”, the track is starting to look like a mere preliminary sketch for what’s coming next. Backed by a guitar led beat Malik produces, drawing on the lightweight swing of Caribbean harmonies, his vocals on “St. Maria” are leaner, tighter and more focused on convey the sultry sentiments expressed in his lyrics.

Singing “What’s Your Name, She Said Maria/Where You From? I’ve Been Looking for Ya” over the mellow vibe of the percussion, chime samples, vocal loops and siren samples, “St. Maria” transports listeners to the steamy dancefloor of a dimly lit bar. The effect of the his lyrical imagery and the dance-driven beat is heightened even further by his slurry vocals, mimicking the buzz of a drink. It’s the type of performance you you’d pay good money to experience live with his vocals contorted for a mutated take on dance music.

You can stream Yinka Bernie’s “St. Maria” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/yinkabernie
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