PatricKxxLee teams up with Costa Titch for preppy new single, “No No No”

A cherry mosh-pit starter with subwoofer amplified bass drums

Most of PatricKxxLee’s last album, ‘Nowhere Child’, cut into the tense anxieties of modern life as he mused about his haunting and chaotic reality. It’s been two months since the album’s release and he’s now switching to something merrier on his new single, “No No No”, featuring dancer-turned-rapper, Costa Titch.

PatricKxxLee’s synth-heavy trap beat is converted to a cherry mosh-pit starter with subwoofer amplified bass drums that match his ecstatic “Yeah Yeah Yeah/ No No No” chants. The preppy beat inspires Costa Titch and PatricKxxLee to relive the defiant of their high school days, referencing cliques and the mischief they got up to. Though concise and diaristic, their lyrics are invested in larger lessons about personal growth as they make the kind of music that would easily be the soundtrack to their high school days and would undoubtedly have an impact on those still in high school now. Plus with Costa Titch’s increased influence since featuring on King Vader’s video meme on YouTube, PatricKxxLee’s “No No No” is sure to reach more lovers of Trap music across the globe.

You can stream “No No No” below.

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