The NATIVE x Alàra Presents: UNRULY

The NATIVE x Alàra present their latest fashion editorial, 'U N R U L Y.'

This Women’s History Month, in the spirit of the theme of #BreakTheBias, the NATIVE and Alara Lagos have partnered for a fashion editorial titled ‘U N R U L Y.’ Featuring a talented spate of young, dynamic Nigerian women across a range of fields and industries, this editorial ties together both brand’s collective mission to champion the voices of African women.





disorderly, disruptive and not amenable to discipline or control

e.g ‘the feminists of today days are a bunch of unruly women.’

When the order of the world is built in favour of one group of people and to the detriment of another, the best course of action is to disrupt and destroy that order. The rejection of societal norms and policing of our choices is a daily fight for women all over the world, and the ‘unruly’ behaviour of the women who have come before now have ensured that we come this far. To make a better tomorrow, we must continue to be unruly.

Featuring Blessing Ewona, Iretidayo Zacchaeus, Lady Donli and Ashley Okoli, this collaborative editorial aims to express the two things a girl should be in 2022: who and what she wants.


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Featured image credits/WamiAluko