Watch Mayorkun’s video for “Posh”

Directed by Clearance Peters

Mayorkun’s latest singles “Fantasy” and “Posh” both explore the benefits of material possessions and the lavishness it affords. On “Fantasy”, he entices a woman with his elaborate lifestyle, promising her the finer things in life, while “Posh” takes a more introspective stance, thanking God for the ability to afford it all.

The video Clarence Peters directs for “Posh” depicts the sentiments heard on both singles. It opens with Mayorkun leaning nonchalantly against his car door, a stack of money in his hand while the Kiddominant produced “Fantasy” plays in the background. The video progresses into a show of sumptuous living as Mayorkun and his entourage drive along a highway, leaving a trail of dollar bills in their wake. Since lyrics from “Fantasy” reference Olu Maintain’s “Yahooze”“Awon kan wa aye wa se ise, emi wa aye wa je aye”, it’s understandable that the video for “Posh” also attempts some social commentary on the problems with the Nigerian Police force. The video mocks the shows armed men dressed in black, tailing the Mayorkun’s entourage to get some of the money spilling over.

Watch the video for Mayorkun’s “Posh” here.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/DavidoVEVO

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