Watch Maleek Berry’s “Sisi Maria”

An Unlimited L.A directed video

If Last  Daze of Summer is Maleek Berry making the best of longer days and shorter nights where emotions are fleeting and memories are capsuled by nostalgia, First Daze of Winter is an highlight in celebration of the cuffing season that follows. Winter, is often used as a metaphor for stronger emotions and Maleek Berry’s 6-track  EP takesoff from where LDS left off  in that regard, leaning out of radio-friendly summer tracks into R&B and ballad regions. “Sisi Maria” is one of the more upbeat tracks on a project filled with tracks from a man teetering at the edge of heartbreak, and it’s accompanying video attempts to take depict the project outside of that overarching gloom.

Veering off a sequence of exploratory and ambitious videos , ” Sisi Maria” is set on a beach front, with Maleek performing around adulating women heavily garbed in African wax print. The African print must’ve been to provide proper representation since the song is about Nigerian women, but it just ended up looking clumsy. Face painting, mix-match of outfits and the tired palette of primary colours aren’t far out of reach as Maleek does a renders the song.

Watch “Sisi Maria”;