Tyson Noir returns with “Freaky”; the perfect tune for cuffing season

Never let it be said that when you stream a Tyson Noir song, you don't get your data's worth

Since getting signed under Lycan records, Tyson Noir has somewhat remained somewhat under the radar. People who know nothing about this artist may connect his inconsistency to nonchalance, but you need only hear his two singles, (the only projects he has released so far in 2017) to understand that this artist thrives on perfection. On a sonic comparison, Tyson Noir’s discography subtly experiments on every sound and genre, in what could be called a fusion of sorts. However, in what has become a tradition, his lyrics have always revolved around the one thing that makes the world go round: Love. and “Freaky” doesn’t break this.

Produced by  Mikespro and Raheem Bale, this song captures the feelings of someone caught in the secret admirer phase “I been looking at this girl from afar”. Touching on the kind of confidence one only finds within themselves, to take that first step towards transcending this phase, and in time, turn what was once a crush into a long-term relationship. The confidence that Tyson readily displays at the opening of the song, with a “Hello”. “Freaky” embodies the post-relationship ambivalence in both it’s lyrics and sound. However, the vibrancy of the ringing tones that dot the tracks, pale next to the richness of the singer’s vocals. We all know it takes an old hand to realize that every girl wants to be at the centre of everything, and Tyson confirms he does too as he goes “anything for you, everything for you”.

Stream “Freaky” below

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