Listen to Maka’s new single, “Precious Stone”

A spirited tribute to mothers

Considering how much mothers go through to raise their kids, it’s hard to imagine there will ever be enough mother’s day tributes to fully appreciate the matriarch. It’s why some have tagged it a thankless job, but that’s not stopping neo-soul singer, Maka, from attempting to write a hit song to show her appreciation for her mother.

Opening her latest single, “Precious Stone”, singing “I Ask Myself A lot of Time Why I Haven’t Done A Love Song For You, Mama/ It’s Been Running Through My Mind, I Guess I Let My Hustle Take My Time”, Maka’s lyrics are honest, written like a letter addressed to her mother. DJ Teck-Zill produces the uplifting beat with live-band-esque production, sauntering around Maka as she sings assuredly, delivering punchy verses and choruses as she sings her mother’s praise and promises rewards. Her lyrics are abundant with all sorts of pleasurable compliments mothers would appreciate. “Precious Stone” is a spirited tribute to mothers, performed with such vigor, it invites anyone who can hear it to do the same.

Stream Maka’s “Precious Stone” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/theofficialmaka
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