Angelique Kidjo reworks Miriam Makeba’s “Pata Pata” for Covid-19 Awareness

Stay at home and sit it out

The world is facing the deadly scourge of the coronavirus, and while we wait for world governments to make a vaccine available, and do our part by staying indoors, music is proving to be an indisputable connecting factor bringing hope and joy to millions around the globe. In the efforts to continue this feat, Angélique Kidjo, in collaboration with the United Nations body, has reworked Miriam Makeba’s “Pata Pata”, in order to raise awareness around the coronavirus outbreak.

Without any alteration to chords or syllables of the original song, the newly reworked “Pata Pata” now has several changes to the lyrics to suit the theme of awareness, and to spread information and hope in a time of Coronavirus. ‘This is the time to sit it out/stay at home and wait it out/keep your distance please’ sings Angelique Kidjo, in what appears to be a homemade video directed right from the artist’s home.

UNICEF is also encouraging the public to submit videos of themselves dancing to “Pata-Pata” by tagging @1unicefafrica on TikTok or @unicefafrica on Instagram with #nopatapata and #healthyathome. The best dance clips will be included in a music video to be released in mid-May.

Speaking on the reworked song, Kidjo told UNICEF that:

“Miriam inspired me. And Pata Pata gave me hope. We all know what needs to be done, but we also know how much communities are suffering. “Pata Pata” has always been there for people at a time of struggle. I hope it helps once more. And I hope from our confined spaces we can dance once more.”

Watch the video for “Pata Pata” below.

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