Listen to Lily Allen and Burna Boy on “Your Choice”

Off her latest album "No Shame"

Before the release of his Outside earlier this year, Burna Boy released “Heaven’s Gate” featuring Lily Allen as the lead single which. And from watching the video, Lily’s telling half-smile in the video combined with Burna Boy’s pensive and assertive lyrics confirms a soul bond Burna himself has reiterated, before.

Shortly after the release of “Heaven’s Gate” song, Lily Allen announced that her own album No Shame. The recently released album features 14 cheekily and unapologetically honest pop songs, one of which is “Your Choice” featuring Burna Boy.

“I’m not Gonna lie but this might be dying”, Lily Allen sings, Over the pop-dancehall fusion beat produced by Pro2Jay. She sings to a man who seems to have gotten the terms of their relationship mixed up. He’s “Crying everytime” she gets a text from other people, which is surprising to her because as she sings “I’ve always said no man can own me”. She doesn’t necessarily want him to leave, but she’s cool with it “If you really wanna go that’s fine/That’s Your Choice Not Mine”. The beat picks up organically as Burna Boy takes the position of the responding lover trying make sense of the relationship. But again, she makes it clear what the dynamic is “I’m yours for the night”

Listen to Lily Allen’s “Your Choice” here:

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